Welcome Class of 2006!

The year 2004 is like any other year. The sun continues to rise in the East. And it continues to set in the West. Politicians continue to indulge in their favorite extra-curricular sport of mudslinging. The Boston Red Sox continue to have their games come with the warning that is generally hung on Disneyland rollercoasters, “Not for the old, infirm or anyone with a heart condition”.

For you, the HBS MBA Class of 2006, however, this is a very special year. You are about to enter a time that will be etched deeply in your memory forever and that will impact the rest of your lives.

You are about to go through the “HBS experience”, which is generally and very correctly described as “transformational”. There are really no words in which you can be made to understand the transformation beforehand, because it will be a different journey for each of you. The next two terms will be a rich mosaic of learning experiences, whether inside or outside the classroom and as ECs, we give you the best advice we got when we started our RC year: At HBS, the opportunities are great and the cost of failure low. Take risks. Experiment. Do the things you always wanted to do. Be the person you always thought you’d like to be.

There are a heck of a lot of people out there who are wishing you well and we thought it best to let all these people send their messages and advice to you in their own words. So we have, especially for you, the Class of 2006: a message from Dean Clark, an interview with Brit Dewey and advice from some of the ECs, in their own inimitable wise and witty style, on how to go through the RC year. We also have some words of wisdom for the partners, who are equally an integral part of the HBS community.

And for all the ECs out there: check out what’s happening in Boston – some ideas on how to relax after a hard summer’s work and how to spend the months ahead. Welcome back!