Update from the Student Association

Welcome back. We hope you have had a great Winter Break. The Student Association has been working hard this past term on issues important to the Student Body and is looking forward to an active Winter Term.

The Student Association’s agenda is based on issues surfaced in a poll administered to the student body at the end of every academic year. Each issue is being led by a Senator charged with bringing it to some form of resolution. Already, several of these issues have been addressed or are in the process of being accomplished. HBS IT now has official plans to make public printers available in Spangler this coming fall. The Housing and New Construction Committee of the Senate has worked with HBS Housing to negotiate preferred rates with local area brokers. Also, between the SA, HBS IT, and the Alumni Association, there is a strong push underway to have some type of Alumni Classcard system in place over the next few years. Finally, to increase student exposure to some of the most sought after professors on campus, the Student Association is organizing the Thought Leadership Speaker Series. This term, we hope to continue to build upon these accomplishments and address more items highlighted in last year’s poll.

The current job market and associated career issues have become a major focus of the Student Association over the past term and will continue to be going forward. Kim Clark, Carl Kester, Matt Merrick, the Career Reps and the SA Co-Presidents have been meeting on a regular basis to address career-related concerns. Career Services has started several exciting new programs to help guide and mentor students and the Dean has made it very clear that the current job market is his top priority. The main role of the Student Association has been to collect information from you and deliver a coherent message to the Administration about what students are looking for. Because of this, we encourage you to contact us with any thoughts you may have on this topic.

Transparency is one of the main goals of the Student Association this year. Only by understanding how the SA works and what it is doing can the student body hold the SA accountable. With this in mind, the Student Association has embarked on a major initiative to put as much information as possible online. Now, all Senate meeting notes, Senator Initiative updates, the SA Constitution, progress on open issues, and other news is posted on a regular basis on the SA website (sa.hbs.edu).

If there is information that you would like to see that is not there, please let us know.
The SA will be busy this term planning activities related to graduation.

The Class Day Committee of the Senate will announce the Class Day Speaker in the weeks leading up to graduation. They are also helping to plan the Student Class Day Speaker Competition; more information about this will be available over the next few weeks.

The SA Social Chairs had an extremely active Fall Term and are planning an even more active second term. Major events last term included Holidazzle, the Halloween Party, the Welcome Back Party, tailgates for both the Head of the Charles and the Harvard/Yale game, and the weekly TGIFs. This coming term, there will be more parties, TGIFs and, of course, Newport Ball.

Last but not least, the Student Association will be holding elections this coming February for Co-President, Chief Financial Officer and Social Chairs. This is an exciting opportunity for members of the Class of 2004 to get involved at a high level with the Student Association and we encourage as many people as possible to run for these positions. Elections are an exciting time and just running should prove to be an extremely valuable experience.

We hope that you are as excited about the upcoming term as we are. If you have any questions or concerns about the SA, do not hesitate to contact us.