'Tis the Auction Season

There’s been a lot of chat around the campus as to what items were the craziest ones to go off in the Summer Search auctions across the first year sections. Not all the sections have had their auctions yet, but we surveyed those that have and we received some interesting results. Judge for yourself.

Section A:
o Miki Moto Pearls – $1500
o Bikini maids – $275 (four girls in bikinis clean a guy’s apartment)
o Lap dance – $100
o Taco Bell Challenge (Eat 139 tacos) – $560
o 2004 Athens Olympics Lodging and Tickets – $2500
o Ferrari Tour of Spain – $700
o Exposed men’s calendar – $325
o Party in Ibiza – $5400

Section B:
o Flight to Nantucket on a 4 Seater Cessna – Fly with Pilot Talbott Simonds (NJ) on a 4 seater Cessna to Nantucket and have lunch.
o Feel like the Mac Daddy (2) – We’ll paralyze you with pleasure!! Your own personal harem for the night: Neeta, Molly, Megan and Joyce will take you and one of your friends on a night-on-the-town. Includes dinner and drinks at one of the hottest restaurants in Boston (up to 5 drinks/person), transportation, pampering, shameless adoration and ego-stroking. We’ll buy your drinks, light your cigarettes and act as wingmen. For two.
o Life of a Southern Frat Daddy / Sorority Girl for a Weekend in Austin, TX
o Summer Fun in the South of France with Julia (7) – Do you love wine, cheese, and crepes? Would you like to brush up on your French? Is your work ethic too strong? Visit France!! Come spend a week at Julia’s family’s cottage in the south of France. Minutes away from beautiful beaches, short drive to the historic cities of Avignon/Les Beaux/Arles and to the Rhone valley wine region!

Section C:
o Date w/six ladies for one lucky guy – $550
o Put option on a cold call – $80
o Dress up and makeup three section men for the day – $210
o Keep a certain loquacious section member from speaking for 3 days – $80
o Handgun lessons (marksmanship and safety) from 2 former Armed Forces sectionmates – $600
o Bodyshot (the winner selected the spot: armpit!!) – $250
o Lick cream on a guy chest – $120

Section D:
o “Women of Section D Calendar” and “Men of Section D Calendar”…both with LOTS of skin
o Tandem Skydiving from 10,500 feet
o Long weekend at Pablo Sanders’ ranch in New Mexico, branding cattle…true-life “City Slickers”
o “Reality Dating”…Susan Lee finds three potential candidates from Boston and the section votes on a date for the winning section mate

Section G:
o Weekend at somewhere? Anybody remember? – $900
o The 12 butts of Section G – exclusive 2004 calendar of 12 butts of guys of Section G for a lucky lady. Ladies get to choose the guys! – $145
o Shashank shaving his head – $900
o 6 nights on Montana Ranch in Paradise – $1,100
o Clemens Sunset Sail on Catamaran for 10 – $730
o Servant for a day – will run errands for you, clean, write cover letters, spoon feed, massage toes, dance naked… – $130