They Said What?

This week, we turn our attention to the service and retail industries. We also learn bringing your parents to class can be a mixed blessing. Please continue to submit all comments by email to

Aaron Kramer (OH), joking about what you can do to tenants at assisted living facilities when they can no longer pay their bills: “Stop providing service and see what happens.”

Jason Wallace (OK) brought his parents to Professor Jan Rivkin’s Advanced Competitive Strategy class for a case on Sears. Rivkin cold-called the senior Mr. Wallace: “In the sixties and seventies, where was the cheapest place to buy things?”

Wallace: “K-Mart. It’s where we bought everything for Jason.”

After the class laughed heartily, Professor Rivkin asked, “How do I give a Category I to a visitor?”

Phil Black (OA), on whether or not three employees leaving a bank to start a competing mutual fund should tell their bosses together or individually: “I do think it’s a little medieval to go 3 on 1.”

Marshall Butler (OB), on the need of some types of businesses to have better customer service than others: “I don’t need a salesperson to show me what pants do.”

Adam Stern (OJ): “[Friona CEO Herring] is clearly a visionary in the beef industry. There’s no doubt about that.”

Corporate Diplomacy Professor Michael Watkins: “I apologize for these slides. I’m not a God of PowerPoint. I know a God of PowerPoint, but it’s not the circle I travel in.”

Watkins: “You’re arguing with your spouse over who’s doing the dishes, and next it’s ‘You never support me in anything I do.'”