The Scoop from Aldrich 107

OUR LEAD ITEM: Showing that we’ve all learned a lot from BGIE, the section took a siesta on Thursday, March 8 in the McCullough lounge for a tremendous feast organized by one of our very own international divas, Cindy Chi. Cindy was far too modest to accept credit for the event, and she commented, “My crew was so amazing. Please make sure they all get recognized. I don’t know how I pulled this off without them.” So The Scoop did some digging, courtesy of Cindy, and came up with a couple of stories and mentions that should do the trick:

Lizette was determined to show the authentic Mexican flavor. She would swear Mexican food is not just Tacos & Burritos. She ventured far away to a Mexican native store for the ingredients, and made Chilaquiles, Sopas, and Flan all from scratch. Her food was gone the minute it was out. She just dwarfed the rest of us.

Marj cooked for the very FIRST TIME in her life. Lucky us! It’s so fun to watch her cooking. She is like a small kid running a scientific experiment. She handles her chickens with reverence, as if the chickens were going to jump out of pot if she didn’t handle them properly. To get make a perfect debut of her Filipino Chicken Adobal, she phoned her mum and friends countless times.

So did Aman cook his Indian Shrimp for the very first time, too. But he’s got natural talent.

Hema was breath-taking in her beautiful sari. It was not only a party day, but also her third wedding anniversary.
George the Man, I don’t know how he made time digging into the town between his Spanish, saxophone classes, and school. He dragged Helena, Hema, and me through the whole Haymarket in the chilly morning to look for the best deal in town. He cooked so much food that his Nigerian Jollo Rice, Fried Rice, and Stewed Chicken Wing alone could have provided for the entire section. With Elsa pitching in her African Plantain, we could have just had an African feast.

Anthony cooked Spicy Tofu? No kidding. But guess who is behind him. It’s Jenny Ho. I don’t know how exactly Anthony talked her into doing this in the midst of her recent fully loaded schedule. So was Lena. She clearly demonstrated leadership at home. She gets her hubby to shop for her in blizzard and snow—Russian Dark bread and Herring coming out of snow.

Munazah is the spice girl. She made a promise that she’s going to let the Section try the Bangladesh version of “Hot & Spicy.” No way to find anything close to her Bangladesh Tomato Chutney.

Fernando and Tomas had hard time figuring out how much Section A can drink. They were still in the supermarket late into the night the day before our event, at which they made one of the hits, Pisco Sours.
Claude is, of course, always visionary. He knows his French cheese and wine are going to sell, and was the first one committed to this event.

Sean and David’s Hawaiian drink is the best-kept secret weapon. I am so taken by their efficiency. They are both no-fuss, go-get-it people. No need to worry about a single thing they touch on.

Connie is a master in frying dumplings. So many dumplings in so little time, with such a low failure rate.
Another notable was Phil. I didn’t know Phil could draw so well. The setting was wonderful!

Last and most important, this couldn’t have happened without Helena. She is not only a master Chinese chef, but was also the planner at the every step of the way. Without her marketing this event so hard, and her familiarity about the town and “parking karma,” we couldn’t even get around the town shopping.

SEEN AROUND DURING SPRING BREAK: Deb Huret and Kelly Granat betting away the section dues in Vegas…Taylor Hinshaw, Andrew LaVoy, Houman Fardin, E.J. “E.G.” Whelan, and others hanging in south Florida…Emily Love starring in a spectacular local ballet performance…Gretchen Engster and Katie Cousins whooping it up in Havana…and so much more that will be detailed in the next Scoop.