Team Five Women Amass 60

In a games that could easily be confused with a WNBA match, Team Five – represented by Jessica Gelman (NK), Hilary Schubach (OC), Leslie Hale (OH), Pop Sriram (OH), Erin Thomas (OE), Diana Franke (OE), and Katie Higgins (OE) – started off the basketball season with a resounding defeat of Team Six, 60-28. Diana Franke and Jessica Gelman led Team Five’s scoring with 20 and 14 points respectively.
In all fairness, Team Six was at a disadvantage with only four players available for the game. Brooke Bartlett, Becky Evans, Kat Pick, and Kim Haddad made a valiant attempt (and got quite a workout) but the lack of substitutes ended up leading to their undoing. Kat Pick led Team Six’s scoring with 16 points.
Both teams face the same next challenge – finding real names!