Special K

25% through that MBA course already! The day fast approaches when we’ll be ripping open another term bill and laughing at proud SkyDeckers as they settle into their new seats in central worm deck. But fear not-NK’s been making the most of the dying
days of Term 1.

Ed Rep Anand Radhakrishnan and Social Rep Kim Scott teamed up to arrange an outstanding night out with all our T1 faculty at Ole! in Inman Square. Highlight of the night for many came when plucky SkyDecker Johnny D’Agostino-judgment surely clouded by a surplus of vino rosso-challenged LEAD Professor Nitin Nohria to an impromptu arm-wrestling match. Assuming you’d paid enough bicep-curling dues in Shad to be confident of success, what would you do in a situation like that? Take out your prof, so asserting your impeccable leadership credentials-Herculean strength and a fearless determination to vanquish all foes? Or would you rather concede defeat after putting up a good fight, thus saving your prof’s public blushes at the cost of being thought too cowardly to press for victory? D’Agostino appeared to have the upper hand on the night, but the Prof’s revenge was swift and sure: the very next morning saw Johnny on the hook for one of Nohria’s Torquemada-style cold calls on the Randy Haykin case.

They sing, they dance, they act-and they ski too! April 8th saw 30 Ks head up to where else but K-illington for a spot of late-season alpine action. Stars of the show were chief organizers and ace boarders Pete Day and partner Erin, and lead chefs Troy & Mandy Bourne, Sarah Mullen, and Marie-Anne Popp, who bravely agreed to cater for 30 hungry snow fiends. Iffy weather on Sunday closed the higher mountain and kept us firmly on the blue trails, but thrill-seeking Ks were not to be denied. Suicidal downhiller Michael Linse goaded stylish Euro stars Marie-Laure Goepfer, Roland de Demandolx, and Francesco Cardinali into a race from top lift to bottom, and promptly won by heading straight downslope in the tuck position with no turns! How you didn’t hit escape velocity and end up in orbit, Michael, we’ll never know. Perhaps our section’s in-house rocket scientist can advise?

Happily such energetic extra-curriculars haven’t dulled the in-class insights of the Kids from K. Prizes for stirring it up go to Alex “What’s great about Marketing is that you can make people believe things that aren’t true” Rogers, and Jason “This balanced scorecard thing is a complete sham” Wallace. Say what you mean and mean what you say, boys. Not to be outdone, Wei Su scooped the Lady Macbeth Award for Vaulting Ambition during our Wolfgang Keller discussion: “I don’t want to be a turnaround manager; I want to be a CEO!” The week’s Philosophy prize goes to Finance Prof and lightning wit Randy Cohen, for empathizing with our plight while struggling to understand beta: “I apologize on behalf of the world that it’s not cleaner and simpler.” Now that’s what I call taking real responsibility, Randy.