Sold to the Highest Bidder

On Wednesday April 4 Section NG held an auction in support of Summer Search Boston, a non-profit organization that cultivates character and leadership in young people through its summer programs.

Members of Section NG stretched their creativity (and their connections) in an effort to raise money for Summer Search. Summer Search Boston, founded in 1995, identifies high school students who demonstrate character in overcoming adversity, show a potential for leadership, and have an interest in giving back to their communities. The Summer Search program provides mentoring and support for the high school students chosen, as well as scholarships for challenging summer experiential programs aimed at developing students beyond the classroom.
Both first and second year students participate in fundraising for Summer Search by having section auctions. A $3,000 donation sponsors one child for the Summer Search program.
Section G auctioned off a wide variety of items, including fine wines, exotic dinners, and trips. Popular items included: A Day in the Life of a Navy Seal, VIP tickets to see the Blue Angels, and pay Bob Geiman to wear anything to class for one day.

But, no item received as much attention as the evening’s final prize, a lunch and career counseling session with Jack Welch. An influential member of Section G was able present Mr. Welch with the opportunity to contribute his time to Summer Search. He was particularly interested in this cause and agreed to a lunch date with the highest bidder.

After an evening of merriment, the auction took a serious turn as a couple hours of Mr. Welch’s time went on the auction block. The highest bid quickly exceeded $1,000, then $1,500 and $2,000. Several bidders were still in the running as the price escalated toward $3,000.

No bidder was as serious as Section G’s own Reggie Sanders. He bid the price of the lunch higher and higher, without even cracking a smile. It was apparent to many around him that Reggie had his eye on this prize, and he wasn’t going to back down. Reggie’s winning bid was $3,200.

Reggie had more in mind during the auction than dining with Jack Welch. He has a special interest in Summer Search, as his own life was impacted during high school by mentoring from several individuals. He feels these relationships really helped him along the way and had an important impact on the path his life has taken. Reggie saw Summer Search as a great program through which he can assist in some of the same type of mentoring he has benefited from in the past.

“I knew that I would have to bid high to win the lunch, but I felt it would have an impact on the life of a deserving high school student.” Reggie views this lunch as a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to meet and learn from Jack Welch. He sees his Summer Search donation as an investment in himself and in the community.

In total, Section G raised just over $10,000 for Summer Search Boston.