Section OH Welcomes Section NH

Section H 2001 welcomed the new Section H 2002 last Monday. I had the honor of passing along the shark to the new section with a comprehensive description of its proper use and the importance of Shark Day. Pierre handed off the Suavierre shirt and John Burnside granted the Pinhead award to Quincy Brown of NH, as she was a Princeton alum like Keatley, the original Pinhead recipient. Much applause goes out to John Toomey and Chris Wright for putting together a “Know your Section” presentation for NH, whereby they highlighted and doctored the classcards of our own section. Vadim, for example, had all numbers on his classcard, and we were graced with some unusual photos on Hardy’s classcard of his progression through the year. John and Chris also put up several NH classcards. The person most likely to get cold called’s classcard said, “Bring it on. I dare you to cold call me. I will rock your world.” The obvious class quant jock’s classcard said “Nobel prize in Finance.” This excellent work in tomfoolery was followed by Kohler’s PowerPoint presentation on OH fun and the opportunities for NH to relish in similar adventures. We had a great showing by OH, as roughly 30 sectionmates turned out for the event. Great Section Love, OH!! And finally, we told the NH crew the ultimate truism of Harvard Business School…WITHOUT THE H, IT’S JUST BS!