Partner Perspective

Here is a little reminder for when the stress gets high and the relationship suffers…

The Top Ten Reasons to be an HBS Partner

10. Access to the Shad: The best place to work off those lonely feelings the first year.

9. HBS Community parties: When your kids see the pony rides and Jumbo Bouncer you can say “Welcome to Disneyland”… and they’ll believe you!

8. Tunnels: The best dates are always underground.

7. Clubs: Where else can you learn to sing, sail, acquire real estate, and then scrapbook it all at the end of the day?

6. Witnesses: Now 80 more people can attest that your spouse snores.

5. Future financial security: Sure money can’t buy love, but it can buy a house, a dog, and a minivan!

4. Spangler Cafeteria: Gourmet food, high chairs, and nice servers who just smile as your child flails wildly at the thought of not getting a cookie.

3. Lifetime vacation plans: So many friends with Chateaus, so little time.

2. Christmas card pictures taken in front of Spangler fireplaces with the caption, “Check out our new house!”

1. The second year!