Reuters – Sept. 25, 2002.

Today, Section J once more displayed why it is the coolest section on the HBS campus. After crushing Section G last week in a Boat Race at Daedalus, it showed its skills today on the soccer field. In its first match of the day, it defeated Section I with a score of 6:2. Goals where scored by Jonathan Fahey, Hysam Galal (2), Francois Dufour, Max Osofsky and Chavapas Ongmahutmongkol.

While the second game against Section G was a little tougher, Section J still came out the clear winner with a 3:1 score. Goal scorers were Tom Vanden Bussche, Jonathan Farley and Steven Carrel. At the same time, stellar performances by the Section J defense and goalkeeper kept counter-scores to a bare minimum.

Man of the game(s), however, was clearly Francois Dufour – not even receiving an injury on his foot stopped him from scoring the 3:1 in game #1.