NJ Defeats Staff 65-43 in A-League Play

There was a huge J-Crew fan turnout for this game as the outstanding J-Crew A team, led by team captain and all-around nice guy Jaime “Jumpman” Irick, overpowered the Staff A team in a 65-43 victory. But while many will view this as just another victory for a team on its way to the playoffs, those closer to the action found much drama and suspense as Mr. Irick promised his teammates that anyone who let Dr. Fear (our BGIE professor) score a basket would be riding the pine in the next game.

The game was characterized not only by stellar single performances, but also by impressive team play. Crisp passes, backdoor cuts, and a collapsing team defense were as much to credit for the victory as the 26-point performance by Jaime “Watch Me Dunk” Irick. Said guard Greg Long after the victory, “The Staff A-team played a tough game out there today. We had a real tough time stopping their captain, Ramone. But we just stayed patient, ran with our offense, and tried to keep the ball in Dr. Fear’s hands.”

On the sidelines, Mindy Rippstein, wife of all-star small forward Spencer Rippstein, led the J-crew fans in a series of resounding cheers throughout the game. Said guard Zac Stillerman, “Mindy and the fans were spectacular. They really gave us the energy that we needed down the stretch to put this team away. We just wish, though, that Tom Nassim would stop that damn Seal Cheer.”

All in all, this was a tremendous victory for a team that looks poised and confident as it makes its way to the playoffs. When asked about the team’s chances for success, Irina Zavina said, “With a team captain as sexy as Jaime Irick, every other section better watch out. GO J!!!!”