Letter to the Editor

Allen [Dear Editor],

At least one of the questions for That Guy wasn’t funny. I don’t believe Iraq is a good humor topic (and the many passionate contributions in last week’s issue support that idea). I also don’t think this kind of section I joke is funny either. “Section I sucks” is not exactly what I would call creative satire. I know this wasn’t your answer, but your question triggered this kind of a response. This wasn’t just lowbrow, it was outright pedestrian (still haven’t figured out if this is derived from “can’t afford a car and don’t have change for the bus either”?).

What happened to the funny jokes about Section I? Admittedly, Section I has become a pretty average section over the last few months, although CW has not fully recognized that yet. That of course, makes it harder to come up with something new and funny every time. You just have to try harder or find some other section to make fun of.
-Arndt W Nicklisch (NI)

Dear Arndt,
Your points are well taken. Ironically, since we are in the same study group, I thought there might be a better way for us to have this conversation, but oh well.

Given the seriousness of the conflict on Iraq, the joke was probably in poor taste. Obviously, the humor of “Section I sucks” is subjective, but I think the bigger picture is that you guys are probably frustrated and exhausted at being made fun in The Harbus. Aside from the Iraq joke, I assure you that all I jokes are in good fun and that we love you guys, for better or for worse. I personally will refrain from I jokes and will implore others to follow suit. Thanks for your letter.

-Allen, Editor in Chief