Helpful Hints for Commencement Day

* Print the Class Day and Commencement schedules for your guests as the date gets closer. Information is subject to change.

* Make sure your guests have their tickets for Harvard Yard exercises and the HBS luncheon before you head over to Harvard Yard in the morning. It will be nearly impossible to find them at Harvard Yard or here at HBS. We suggest your family eats without you since very often students do not have enough time for lunch.

* Be in front of Kresge by 7:00am. Have your diploma card with you (you will get this when you pick up your tickets). Your section marshals (presidents and ed reps) will hand out an assortment of country flags for you to wave at the ceremony across the river. They will also organize you by sections so that at 7:30 you can proceed behind your two class presidents (Sal Kahn and Annemarie Jensen) across the Weeks Bridge to Sever Yard on Quincy Street.

* Once lined up outside the gates, you will be called into the Yard. When the “Caller” calls you into the Yard, take your seats immediately. You do not need to be in any order. Fill every seat. You will not be able to save seats so sit down immediately! If you are late, you will most likely have to sit in the back. Following the speeches each school will be presented to the crowd by the Dean at which point you will stand and celebrate by waving your flags.

* Back at HBS, you will have lunch if you are back on time. At 12:15pm, you should be getting seated for the HBS Commencement Ceremony. Your section marshals will have a list for you to sit in alpha order. Look for your section sign (DBA’s & JDMBA’s look for your sign) and go to that location and find your seat. There will be a seat monitor who will inform your section when it is time to move up to the stage. Order for receiving diplomas will be: DBA’s, JDMBA’s, then Sections A through K. Make sure you have your diploma card when you walk up the ramp to the stage and hand it to the person collecting them.

* Please tell your families that the HBS Diploma Ceremony begins promptly at 12:30pm. Listen for the bells to toll at the beginning of the ceremony.

* Arrange for a place to meet your guests after the HBS Ceremony and before the reception.

Comments/questions? Contact Student & Academic Services at 617.495.6087.