ENERGY – It's Coming and You Can't Stop It

ENERGY. Some people exude it while others struggle to get out of bed in the morning. Where can you find some extra energy to make it through the semester? In this, the second in a series of articles highlighting the efforts of six of your classmates to run the Boston Marathon and raise funds for charity, we will help you find a new source of ENERGY.

Last week you read about Erin, Bill, Kerry, Kate, Cyrus, and Beth. The “Team of Six” is smack dab in the middle of their fundraising for the West End House and their training to finish the 26.2-mile Boston Marathon on April 16, 2001. They have braved the cold and ice, returned early from those fabulous four-day EC weekends, spent countless hours on the track in Shad, and now they are collectively logging about 200 miles per week. But, as every accomplished marathoner (and certainly each of our team members) knows, only half of your training occurs on the track. The remainder is social. Here are a few quotes from the team members:

o Cyrus, “Last Friday it was below zero degrees. Yet I was absolutely determined to make it from Shea’s, to Grafton Street, to the Hong Kong. That determination-in the face of extreme weather conditions-has really helped me brave the cold to train.”

o Bill, “I met this girl at last year’s Predator’s Ball. Of course, she wanted nothing to do with me. But I persisted and finally she agreed to go out with me. Her name…is Erin Thomas. That level of focus will really come into play around mile 19.”

o Kate, “Last month I was snowboarding and broke my beer-drinking wrist in 8 places. I underwent extensive rehabilitation, and now I have no problem downing a pint. Can I handle the pain of marathon running? You bet your bootie.”

So there you have half the battle, and the team is working hard at both sides of training. For example, the Team of Six sponsored last week’s TGIF, which involved not only an open bar, but more importantly, a heated karaoke singing contest. A record number of students bought raffle tickets to win a Reebok Treadmill, and Octagon Marketing sponsored additional prizes. The TGIF event afforded the HBS community to learn more about the West End House, the object of the team’s fundraising efforts.

If you skipped TGIF, it isn’t the end of the world. . .but whatever you do, don’t miss out on the ENERGY! party on Thursday, March 1st at Atlas, located at 3 Lansdowne Street in Boston.

Twenty-six HBS students have teamed up with For The Kids to raise money for the West End House, a Boys & Girls Club in Allston-Brighton, and the Leukemia & Lymphoma Society. FTK (For The Kids) was founded in 1995 by a group of young professionals and graduate students to raise money for local children’s charities by hosting a variety of social events. Over the past few years, FTK has grown to include hundreds of professionals and students from all over Boston and has helped raise $10,000’s for underprivileged children. Ashish Rughwani (OI), one of the FTK founders, has planned what promises to be one of the most memorable parties of the year.

ENERGY! is going to get your engine revved, thanks to free-flowing Red Bull Energy Drink, hot tunes, and cool attitudes. The dress for the soir‚e is athletic street wear-sneakers, caps, and attitude. The club is opening just for this event, and there will be an amazing DJ and ten big screens. All proceeds will go to the charities.

You’ve seen the emails and you’ve heard the buzz. . .don’t miss the biggest party of the Spring (ah, there is nothing like a little shameless marketing!). You can make a big difference in the lives of children in Allston-Brighton, and get a little extra ENERGY! for yourself.