Couples Only:

Last fall, I decided that it was time it was time for my girlfriend (a.k.a. “my partner”) and I to have a romantic escape from the HBS environment. So I set out to plan the perfect non-HBS romantic getaway: a fun, totally irreverent place where we were guaranteed not to run into anyone even remotely affiliated with HBS. After days of web searches and phone calls, I finally found it. Ceaser’s “Couples” Pocono Resort.

I was so proud of my selection that I decided to keep the details of the weekend from my girlfriend. I told her only that we were going to the mountains in Pennsylvania (“Pennsylvania has mountains?”) for the weekend and the rest would be a surprise. We loaded up the car and set out on our 5-hour drive.

Upon first seeing the heart-shaped “couples only” sign, my girlfriend appeared a bit skeptical. However, once we checked in and made our way to our room, we both realized just how precious this experience was going to be.

Everything about the room was “subtly” romantic. The bedroom was modestly furnished with a 7-foot champagne glass whirlpool bath (for two of course), a heated, heart-shaped swimming pool, a log burning fireplace, a massage table and a sauna. And, to top it all off, the large bedroom had a round king-sized bed with a mirrored “celestial” ceiling.

It was like our own little Disney World (although it did take us a couple hours to garner up the nerve to actually touch anything in the room).

The “resort” itself also offered plenty of cheesy activities including a dance club featuring the Macharani every 5 – 10 minutes (we were lucky enough to be there on Mardi Gras theme night), group activities like “sombrero tossing,” a shooting range, and a cafeteria that makes Spangler look like a 5-star restaurant.

Towards the end of the weekend we were feeling a bit overwhelmed by the resort so we decided to get out and experience the natural scenic beauty of the surrounding areas. We spent the day taking in the beautiful foliage, gorgeous lakes and lovely waterfalls by both bike and horseback. (I was told that in the winter we could have cross-country and downhill skied, ridden snowmobiles and sledded.)

If you are looking for the tackiest “romantic” vacation getaway of your life and a refreshing break from HBS, I would highly recommend the Ceaser’s “Couples” Pocono Resort. Just don’t forget a camera and some disinfectant.

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