[Editor’s note: The following epic poem was composed from sentences and
phrases taken from HBS-related emails received over the last 12 weeks.]

by t. guy

Famed French luxury table purveyor
A Fortune 100 mainstay for several years
Recognized leader in intelligent optical networking
Has worked almost continuously since 1980.

Noted practitioner of engaged philanthropy
The savior of the French steel industry
On Institutional Investor’s All-Star American Team
A self-administered and self-managed REIT.

Pizza and sodas will be served
No prior experience required
Jerk chicken, plaintains, fruit salad
Be prepared to eat.

Shark diving, nightlife, and more
Patent protection in a hurry
Transatlantic best practice policies
World-class apres ski scene.

Normal price $60, selling at $20
Absolutely no entry without ticket
Please don’t lie, I know who you are
Your $20 includes a large tent.


Help out your very dear friend (ME)
I genuinely enjoy spending time with children
In the basement of the ever-so-shady Barbary Coast Hotel
Temperament can be varied.

You may be $15K happier that you attended!
Have a break with your friends
Actors, singers, dancers, musicians
(upper and lower back, butt, thighs, and calves)

Give the gift of life
Purchased 12/2002 with stain guard warranty
Hammerweighted and scaled-touch sensitive.
Ample space for you.

Who’s invited?

Brett Odom, Rebecca Miele, Matthew Bakal
Needs cork reapplied to bottom segment
6 ft long and 20 in wide … it will only take a second.

The dress is club attire
Do not deny this woman
Spectacular, flamboyant, eye-popping
The largest maquilas in the country.


Will you really do the right thing?
(Yes, No, Maybe)
Spend your free time dabbling in pastimes?
(Yes, No, Maybe)
Like to run?
(Yes, No, Maybe)
Asia: Blessing or Curse?
(Yes, No, Maybe)

To share some comments on the past year
Blood supply dips to dangerously low levels!
The geopolitics of the “black gold”!
Informatica, Intel, Intuit!
Zoom Play, 3D-Phonic!
Rodeo (with buttons)!
We are in the barn!
We are in the barn!

Ariel Shoresh, for sale!
Ariel Shoresh, for sale!
Ariel Shoresh, for sale!
We are in the barn!

We are the media elite, so don’t bring your roommates!
Let’s blow this whole world up!

r s v p
r s v p
r s v p

We are in the barn!
We are in the barn.

Professor Siegel will also be in attendance.