HBS Latin American Conference 2015: OUR OWN WAY

ECs Maria-Fe Razetto and Sebastian Valenzuela, Co-Chairs of HBS’ upcoming XVII Latin American Conference, tells us how the event will gather business and policy leaders from the region embracing the uniqueness and unlocked potential for its countries.

[stag_dropcap font_size=”50px” style=”normal”]I[/stag_dropcap]n a context that has disfavored the appetite for emerging economies in general, and Latin America in particular, the upcoming edition of the LATAM Conference at HBS (taking place Saturday, March 28th) recognizes that sometimes unorthodox policies or untested approaches have been the most successful in business and policy. Under the motto of “Our Own Way”, the organization aspires to make this conference a meeting point to share different recipes of success in the political and economic arena.

For the first time, two out of the three keynotes speakers will be women, plus another sign of how rapidly paradigms are being broken in the region. Costa Rica President Laura Chinchilla (2010-14) and Susan Segal (President of the Council of the Americas) will lead the discussion on policy and macro trends. They will be joined by Fernando Gonzalez, CEO of CEMEX, one of the largest companies in the region.

Keynote speakers Laura Chinchilla (left), Fernando Gonzalez (center), & Susan Segal (right).
Keynote speakers Laura Chinchilla (left), Fernando Gonzalez (center), & Susan Segal (right).

The conference will also include five panels, catered with the idea of showing that excelling in this part of the world always requires the ability to adapt established concepts to local realities. In the “Succeeding amid risk” panel, speakers will share their points of view on how to deal with sociopolitical uncertainty. “Raising the bar” will be a conversation on how to move up in the value chain from the eternal low-end positioning in the commodity markets. “Competing globally” will expose innovative companies coming from Latin America that are now part of the most demanding markets in the world. “Equity Markets” panel references the challenges of conducting Private Equity in countries with restrictive capital markets and unclear risk/return propositions. Finally, in “Innovative Business Models” the whole picture of the entrepreneurial environment will be shown: from investors, ecosystem leaders and entrepreneurs themselves.

In a region in which integration among countries has been driven more strongly by business forces rather than by public policy, the LATAM Club understands the relevance of building strong networks between people in the region. The conference will give the chance to its assistants to have small group lunches with the speakers and generate many spaces for interaction between attendees in what is the largest Latin-America related event in the Boston area.

Visit //www.latamconferencehbs.org/register/ to register today.  

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