Thank you to EC’s for Completing Survey on HBS Experience

Gift Card Raffle Winners Announced

In early December, EC’s were asked (ok, bombarded with requests) to complete a survey on their HBS experience. The flurry of survey completion pleas came from a group of EC women conducting a year-long field study on Academic Achievement at HBS.  Although our email-blasting annoyed students craving a clean inbox and provided others with fodder for mocking, it most importantly led to a fantastic response rate. Over 40% of the EC class completed the survey!

We sincerely thank everyone for not only taking the time to complete the survey but also for reaching out to us with thoughts and suggestions for our Field Study. Congratulations to the five lucky ECs who won the gift certificate raffle: Matt Arth (OG), Bart Howe (OI) replica watches uk, Carleton Weatherby (OF), Ellie Wheeler (OH), and Emi Yoshikawa (OG). With the highest response rate, 58%, Section H (OH) won a lunch with Dean Nohria scheduled for later this semester.

This field study originated last year following the publication of startling statistics in the Harbus on the academic performance disparity between men and women at HBS. We are continuing the efforts of a field study team launched last spring to address this issue, and we are working closely with the administration, students and faculty at HBS to better understand and improve the academic experience at HBS. We are currently in the midst of our data analysis and are eager to share results with students later this term.

Thanks again to everyone for completing the survey (and tolerating our frequent emails). The data provided from the survey will be invaluable for understanding and improving the HBS academic replica breitling experience! Please do not hesitate to reach out to any member of our team (Monica Belsito, Andrea Ellwood, Megan Lesko, Richi Saha, and Kat Shaul) if you have further questions or ideas.