The Harbus Interviews: Marty O’Sullivan

Marty O'Sullivan
Marty O'Sullivan

“Keep on keeping on as we’ve been doing here at the Business School…being the best, and we’ve got to stay the best.” – Marty O’Sullivan


Marty O’Sullivan has been working in the OSS branch of the Department of Operations at HBS for over 25 years.  He was featured in The Harbus in 2002, as part of the all-star staff-led basketball team

which defeated the top MBA section to clinch the B-league title.  Quick with a kind word and a smile, Marty has been helping The Harbus distribute its papers since 1988.

We at The Harbus grabbed Marty for a few minutes to ask him questions regarding the students, the school, as well as himself.  When asked if had anything else to add, Marty thought first of the wellbeing of the RC population.  According to Marty, “The first year’s always tough…[but soon] it’s a little less pressure.”  Thanks Marty for helping HBS to be the best.