Homeless Veterans Need Your Help!

This very evening, more than 275,000 men and women across the US who have served in the military will be spending the night on the street. Take a walk through Harvard Square and chances are that one out of every three homeless men that you encounter sleeping on a bench or begging for change in a doorway dedicated a portion of his life to serving our country and defending freedom either here or abroad. Though this veteran no longer wears the uniform, the fight for him continues as he  struggles with mental conditions and often addictions to drugs and alcohol that have made return to “normal life” as we know it seemingly impossible.

Fortunately, there is hope. This Thursday and Friday (April 21st and 22nd), MBA students who have served in the Armed Forces will spend two days in a military tent outside Aldrich Hall to raise money for an organization committed to lending a helping hand to these men and women – and we need your help! The New England Center for Homeless Veterans (NECHV) has, for the past 23 years, provided homeless veterans who are willing to commit themselves to sobriety, non-violence, and personal change with the counseling, care, training, and support they require in order to successfully re-enter the work force and achieve self-sufficiency. For the past decade, the Armed Forces Club has presented the NECHV with a monetary donation on behalf of the entire community and our goal is to make this year’s donation the biggest one yet!

Homeless veterans need your help, so please make a donation to the NECHV at the tent this Thursday or Friday. Additionally, we will be giving away a limited number of our club t-shirts (“West Point of Capitalism”) for a suggested donation of $40 or more. They’ll go quick, so don’t delay!

We can’t thank you enough for your support and we look forward to seeing you out there – rain or shine – on the 21st and 22nd. To learn more about the NECHV, please visit their website at www.nechv.org.


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