HBS Unveils Tunnel System Extension Plans

Given the expansion of HBS campus, it is clear that a more extensive tunnel network is required

Given the heavy snowfall recently, and the extreme temperature shock experienced by students returning from Spring Break in the Caribbean, it will come as welcome news that the buildings administration of HBS has finally confirmed rumors of a huge three-phase plan to extend the HBS tunnel system, enabling even more students to avoid the harsh outside world. The use of tunnels has increased by 5-7% per year since 1997, and it is clear that a more extensive network is required.

The first phase, expected to be completed over this summer break, consists of connecting SFP and OWA with the existing tunnel system via Burden Auditorium breitling superocean replica, including a link to the parking garage and an underground taxi stand waiting area. This development has been under consideration for some time, and many top-level faculty members feel that it is sorely overdue. The proposed tunnel colors are pink (SFP) and grey (OWA), but several alternatives are being considered at this time.

Phase two is a far more ambitious plan to extend the tunnels north of the Charles River. This will commence at the same time as phase one, but due to the larger scope and complexity will not be complete until at least summer 2008. It has been suggested that it will be officially opened by a prominent alumnus during centenary celebrations in Fall 2008, and will be partly funded by donations from the original Class of 1908. As such, the tunnel color will almost certainly be traditional Harvard Crimson.

The preliminary blueprints for phase two have been released to the Harbus, and include links to Peabody Terrace, the Coop, the Harvard Square T stop and popular underground drinking establishments such as Redline and John Harvard. A link with the KSG tunnel system is under discussion through their administration, but we were relieved to hear that there is no intention of linking to either the Law School or Harvard University. Any suggestions of other nearby establishments that would be appropriate destinations for tunnel links should be submitted to the HBS buildings administration by no later than May 14, 2007, and must include written authority from the establishment in question, a petition signed by at least 50 current students, and a proposed tunnel color (which must be different from all colors currently in use).

The final phase of the project is sponsored by a consortium of Boston businesses tag heuer replica for sale , and has a target date of 2010. It will consist of one direct tunnel from the new Peabody Terrace link to the Boylston Street area, where individual branches will connect HBS students to the VIP areas of Rumor, Gypsy, Caprice and Mantra. Because of the considerable distance involved, various transportation options have been considered: the first suggestion was to provide a small fleet of HBS-branded golf carts, under a Zipcar-style booking system, to enable students to travel the length of the tunnel more quickly. However, regulations regarding the use of alcohol while in charge of a golf cart have proved obstructive www.replicabestsale.co.uk, and so instead a system of moving walkways will be installed in the main link tunnel by popular elevator construction company KONE.

We have been assured that all three phases will be completed exactly 4 years from now, on April 1, 2010.