First-Annual HBS Classical Performance Draws Full Crowd

The Art Appreciation Society presented its first-ever HBS Classical Performance Show Thursday, April 6. Organized by AAS Chairs Vani Krishnamurthy (NB) and Mark Oshida (NB), the event took place at the HBS Chapel and drew a crowd of about 60 people.

Audience members cheered on the five acts, which began with Oshida on violin, accompanied by Leonie Foong (OC) on piano. It continued with vocalist Matt Mindrum (ND) accompanied by Michael Horn (OB) on piano, Kristen Rutter (OI) on the harp, and Kim Harmsen (NG, partner) on piano. Oshida and Eric Wong (NI) ended the event with a violin and cello finale.

All performers have had extensive training in their disciplines. Harmsen is currently pursuing her Master of Music in Piano Performance at Longy School of Music in Cambridge. Mindrum received a degree in vocal performance from Indiana University-Bloomington. Having started her musical career on the piano, Rutter received music scholarships at the school, county, and university level. Oshida most recently was a violinist with the Utah Symphony under Keith Lockhart, who also conducts the Boston Pops. Oshida and Wong began their musical careers at just four and seven years of age, respectively.

“It’s an amazing treat to have such gifted and accomplished musicians volunteering to share their talents with us. We should have this event once a semester,” said audience member Rob Susman (NB).