The HBS Section Retreat Experience: NI Heads to Mt. Snow, VT

Last weekend saw the one and only Section I venture out into the lovely surrounds of Mt. Snow in Vermont. Away from campus, the busy-ness of the week past was soon forgotten as action picked up with a dance party of the bus.

Sectionmates and their partners (108 in total) gathered in the evening to enjoy the “very unique” pizzas, drinks and music (courtesy Nolan “DJ Jazzy Jeff” Townsend). The action soon picked up pace with our resident flip-cup experts, Nikhil Kacker, and new-found “Beer pong” experts, Nikhil Srivastava and Daniel Penn. The games were dotted with our in-house Toyota expert, Yuji “Lethal Weapon” Yamamoto, who gave his rendition of the victory song “I love Section I'” while the romantics among the group took to the hot tub for some section love.

Waking up to a splendid, sunny day Saturday morning, the more adventurous and sporty folks (spurred by the enthusiasm of Lauren Scopaz and Noah Brodsky) took on the adjoining treks for some snowball fights and scenic pics. Matt Moore and Sam Gray, with their two-and-a-half hour run, made long-distance running seem as easy as a walk in a park. The less than athletic (otherwise known as Saturday-morning challenged), among us (Yours Truly included) walked bleary-eyed into the afternoon barbeque. It was here that the section was treated to sumptuous burgers with our chief chefs: Noah “Iron Chef” Brodsky and Patrick “Oxford-Educated” Bosworth with expert support by Amy Shah and Elizabeth Wesson. Lunch went on as baseball, wiffleball, tennis and soccer enthusiasts kept a curious audience captivated with their world-class skills.

Afternoon games on Saturday (organized by our social king Miraj “Bollywood Heartthrob To-Be” Patel and Stefanie “Sleeping Beauty” Tsen) ensued on the tennis court. Sectionmates and their partners witnessed each others’ skills, or lack thereof, in the Section Olympics. After witnessing sectionmates spinning faster than a DJ on heat, we ended with a less-than-tame egg and spoon race, resulting in Amir Yoffe and Ryan Kauppila showing us how the big boys in the major leagues pitch a fastball on the money.

Tired after the fun afternoon, the entire section slouched indoors to cheer their football favorites and Big Lebowsky characters. Sumptuous pasta cooked in-house then gave way to another fun-filled evening with dinner and drinks with some creative dance moves on show until 5:00 a.m.

As the section cleaned up Sunday and headed back to Beantown, everyone was weary and sleepy, but the amazing weekend got the entire section together and left us with fond memories and exciting stories hard to forget in the days, if not years, to come.