NuDies (ND) Bring Home RC IM Basketball Title

As many had predicted during pre-season, the final spot for a place in the 2005 Intramural Basketball final was settled in an intimate affair between the NuDies and NI. “The battle of the Titans” as the pundits came to call it, was resolved with a decisive win for the NuDies who brought home the game and the RC Title with a 62-47 win.

It wasn’t all plain sailing. NI had a much longer bench with 12 outstanding players compared to the limited resources of the NuDies. Nevertheless, the quality of our seven heroes aided by their loyal fan base was just too much for NI. Even without their legendary power forward Scott ‘Sloth’ Spieth, the Nudies remained always in front and at one point collected a 21-point lead.

But let’s get to the details.

After a hectic start with many runs without a hoop, the deadlock was broke by Matt “Skip to Mine” Louie hitting a magic 3-pointer which changed the face of the game (“Sweet Lou” ended the game shooting an incredible 6 for 7). NI did not feel the heat and remained within range thanks to great shots from Chris Crawford and powerful rebounding from Kareem Benjamin. A superior performance from Charles “Straight Lace” DeLacey, who broke NI’s man defense with unstoppable down-low penetrations, gave the NuDies a comfortable 10-point lead.

However, it was only at the beginning of the second half that the season’s favorite displayed their true potential. In an effort to stop the penetrating power of Travis ‘Mad Rise’ Merrill, NI switched to a zone defense. The scoreboard displayed 41-30 for the Nudies. And then it was mayhem: Louie. Louie. DeLacey. And Kirkowski. Boom. Boom. Boom. And BOOM. Scoreboard said 53-32. Four 3-pointers that left no doubt as to whom would clinch victory – the stuff of legends!

Cas ‘The Bulge’ Schneller put forward an incredible defensive effort containing the response of NI. John ‘No You Didn’t’ Kirkowski carried the team for the remainder of the game, driving at the opponents from any angle. Solid performances were put in by David ‘Big Pern’ Alpern and Nico ‘The Microwave’ Iacuzzi, who provided continuity to the team.
And the rest is history.

The final with Old Section A is planned for the coming Wednesday at 6pm. Old Section A is last year’s champion… and that’s precisely it – last year’s!