Barbarians Face Off Against Old Boys

In conditions more reminiscent of the Somme than the rugby field, the Barbarians took on the Old Boys in the annual Columbus Day fixture.

The fact that the field had puddles 10 feet in diameter and at least five inches deep, and that everyone was soaked couldn’t stop an enjoyable three halves of rugby. Despite the pre-match briefing from the referee that it should be a competitive, but not aggressive match, the Old Boys came at the Barbarians hard in the first 5 minutes and kept going for most of the match.

The Barbarians, eager for their first win of the season, and with many members of the team playing their first or second game, put together a staunch defense against the more experienced Old Boys. On the offensive side, special mention goes to Andy “I want a try” Wattula (OI) whose solid running left the Old Boys lying around like Skittles and Chris “who needs two eyes?” Staudt (OC) whose gutsy performance helped keep the Old Boys at bay. The careful play paid off towards the end of the first half when storming runs from Sunru “must score” Yong’s put the Barbarians into a 5-0 lead.

In the second and third halves the Old Boys deeper bench (they actually had reserves) began to show as they rotated in new players with fresh legs, eventually outpacing the plucky Barbarians with well deserved tries late in the second and third halves. Final score was a 10-5 victory for the alums.

Notable thanks goes to Pascal “Only I can be cheeky to the ref” Ambrosi (OF), Nori “Nor-dogg” Kodama (OE), and Chris “S&M Man” Dervin (KSG) whose collective ability to play nearly 2 hours of rugby in the same day is a minor miracle.

The traditional post-match networking event stretched well into the evening as both teams hosted each other in grand style with the Old Boys shepherding the afternoon tea and the New Boys taking responsibility for the evening’s frivolities.

Many thanks to all of the boys, old and new alike, for a great day of rugby.